Sunday, November 20, 2005

Tech geeks only

So I've been getting into my old hobbies lately, that being fiddling with stuff. I generally leave the droids alone, since R2 get huffy when I try suggesting improvements and C3P0...well, let's just say I wouldn't know where to begin. I did add some anti-slicing safeguards, though, when he was last powered down. Not sure I should tell him I tinker with him when he's not logging.

Han and Chewie are better at starship tech than I am, I'll grant them that, but considering my whole upbringing was fiddling with droids, speeders and vaporators, I could probably get a decent job as a general engineer just about anywhere.

Well, if it wasn't for the whole Jedi thing. Ahem.

So I'm messing with the Padmé's engineering chamber, adding stuff, improving, fiddling, when what do I find, buried deep in an old astromech droid's shell, a toy. A small, colorful plastic toy in the shape of a soldier of some species I can't recognize, but they had lots of arms and eyes. Ad I wonder, who owned this droid first? I mean, I'm not too fond of the whole "owning" droids bit, I think they're as much a person as the next guy except easier to repair, but this droid, it had to have been bought and owned and tinkered and appreciated by someone else at *some* point, right? Someone who had kids, apparently.

Well, gotta go. There's been a few skirmishes with the Nagai off Dantooine and Sorhab Prime, so the Republic Navy is sending out a task force, due in a few hours. Should be back in a few days, if nothing horrible happens to me.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


I've been doing a lot of thinking regarding the opposite gender recently. I mean, hey, I'm no more perfect than the next human, right? Anyway.

I have had a total of three girlfriends in my life. The first was Melia Graymire from a farm a few klicks off Tosche Station, when I was about fourteen. That ended when I discovered the legal age for driving a speeder was 15, and being a teenage boy, well. . . engines were more interesting than girls, I'm sad to say. Melia introduced me to Corellian kissing, and a lot of other things uncle Owen and aunt Beru had no idea kids our age were up to.

The second was Tanith Shire, for a brief few months back when I was still a Rogue Squadron fighter jockey, but that ended because, well, she had to go home to her world ( a small, undeveloped planet in the Outer Rim), her being the only trained pilot from that planet made her duties even more serious than mine felt at the time. But it was a nice relationship, however short it was. Tanith was a very. . . determined (ahem, "bossy") girl, which I have to admit is a trait I've always admired in women. Mostly because I tend to be so oblivious to women being interested in me that I don't notice until they knock on my door late at night with a bottle of wine and not much else.

The third was Shiera Brie, and, well, the experience soured me on relationships for quite some time. I mean, discovering that you just shot down and killed (okay, so she didn't die, but I didn't know that at the time) your girlfriend is somewhat traumatic. Discovering that she was actually a spy working for Vader and the Emperor who lied to you the whole time is even worse.

So I buried myself in work, the cause of the Rebellion, and becoming a Jedi.

. . . which brings up the problem. I'm a Jedi, at least according to Yoda and Ben, and they should know if anyone. Very possibly the last one (although I hope not, considering). Thing is, the Jedi had strict rules and regulations. It's fun watching Yoda and Ben debate them, I have to admit. Two translucent ghosts, one whose attitude is "forsake all worldly pleasures and attachments" (an attitude that would not have had me trying to bring my father back from the Dark Side), the other whose attitude is "emotions and attachments aren't bad, letting them dominate you is." I'm siding with Ben on this one, I gotta say. Yeah, sure, Fear can lead to suffering, but only if you let it. Love can lead to jealousy or possessiveness, but only if you lack trust.

Ah well.

I visited the site of the old Jedi temple. Palpatine put a statue of himself there, which has since been torn down by slightly irate Coruscanti citizens. Noone has built anything new there since.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Lady Lumiya, the big bad guy everyone's been worried about, the so-called "Dark lady"? Yeah, she's my ex-girlfriend.

Shira Elan Colla Brie.

I have a nice new collection of scars, Kiro is gone, Dani is crying in her quarters because she thinks he's dead (I'm not so sure, I mean, can an Iskalonian drown?), and I have a second, short lightsaber (blue blade).

And my ex-girlfriend is a genocidal cyborg who follows the teachings of the Sith.

Lando told me "Hey, aren't they all?" when I told him. I think he thought I was joking.

Gah. My jaw aches, and the bacta treatment hasn't quite gotten rid of the cuts to my shoulders. Stings like a bastard, to be honest. Not as much as my pride, though. She kicked my sorry behind from her 'til Corellia, and then some. On the upside, I finally got my butt in gear and finished the secondary saber I was always thinking of building. Faced her a seond time, defeated her with ease. I think it was shock (Shira was dead last I saw her, after all) and unfamiliarity with her weapons that did it.

The Nagai are becoming more than just a nuisance. The fleet I caught glimpses of at Kinooine was...frightening. Almost a match for the Republic fleet, if their technology wasn't so archaic (they don't even have vibroblades, for crying out loud). They had big non-humanoid footsoldiers that make stormtroopers look like Gungans, for example. No idea what they want, apart from possibly invading.

I have to chase her down. She claimed to be the Emperor's "Hand", and said there was at least one more. I have to know if these feelings of impending darkness are more than just my paranoia. Hmmm. Think I'll spend a day or so in meditation. See what the future might bring.

In other notes, the Padmé just got her very first quadlaser turret. Gonna ask Han and Wedge if they'll help me calibrate the sights on it later...

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


My head hurts.

Suits me right for going out on the town with Han, Lando and Wedge. Lando has a tin leg, it seems.

...I'm also a bit confused as to why I have a Coruscanti Policeman's helmet in my possession.

In other news, things are heating up. Han and Chewie broke up a Nagai slaving ring on Kashyykk, Leia stopped a "Lady Lumiya" (some kind of full-body cyborg, apparently) from taking over a small Core world along with two former Imperial stromtrooper divisions, and according to Lando, he got a message from his former enemy Drebble (now governor Drebble) that the crime rates on the Rim are plummeting since a new organization referred to as "ghostfaces" is taking over and eradicating all competition.

Leia says Lumiya displayed some kind of energy-bolts from her hands and telekinesis, which makes me very nervous, as the former sounds like what I had to endure on the second Deathstar. Wasn't Vader and Palpatine the last of the Sith?

Then again, according to some of the history-books, Dooku was never Sith, only a fallen Jedi...


Sunday, October 09, 2005


According to the near-forgotten "Encyclopedia Galactica: Alien Species - Uncharted Territories Edition Vol. 456", the Nagai are "a humanoid, human-like species, from 1.4 to 1.6 meters tall, with chalk-white skin, dark eyes of diverse coloration, black, dark or pale grey hair and slightly elfin features. Nagai have very compact muscle-mass, most likely due to genetic engineering in a distant past, and are far stronger than their frail appearance suggests."

Good Lord. I had no idea this book existed until I dug it out of an old closed-up Coruscant bookshop. It's a veritable goldmine of information. Hee. I dig the section on Lahsbees/Lashbees. "A short (0.4-1 meters tall), furry, bear-like mammalian species (ages 1-14) of bright, pastel coloration (blue to pink), with a high-pitched manner of speech. When the Lahsbee enter puberty, they go through a rapid (quickest example: 0.5 minutes), painful metamorphosis into a similarly colored furry, simian-like humanoid of great stature and muscle-mass (2.5-3 meters tall). The transformation triggers a pain-induced berserker rage that can be calmed by appealing to the adolescent Lahsbees libido. Adult Lahsbee live separate from the younger in great cities built to hold them, and abandon their young in the wild."

I could really have used this book when we were trekkin' along the Rim during the Rebellion days. Heck, the chapter on Zeltrons alone explains a lot of things.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Past mistakes

It's fascinating, really, the things we miss out on in life while doing other things. Like love.

Now, I have to admit being a practical man. I was raised a farmer, and when I see a red sunrise, I think "Huh, gonna be a dry day", not "Oooh, pretty sunrise!", just as when see a old pre-Empire era starship I generally go "Hmmm, now if I could get some bigger shields on that hunk of glorified coffin and maybe some quadlaser-turrets, it might be serviceable", not "Oooh, shiny!"
I admit it, I'm not a romantic. If someone told me to bring a girl flowers, I'd probably pick all the wrong sorts at the florist. If they told me to bring chocolate, I'd probably bring the wrong type. When I pick presents for birthdays or Life Day, I tend to go for the useful stuff (although Han did like that new set of hydrospanners with inbuilt vibroblades gave him last time...I think), not the sentimental gifts. Leia calls me a lunkhead, which I'm sure is rude on some planet or other (heheh). And, to be honest, I go into my work and studies too hard to worry about the opposite sex.

So when Wedge asked me what was up on the personal front, I had no idea what he was talking about. Turns out he was trying to set me up on a date, which I weaselled out of with my usual decorum. I mean, I don't...I haven''s kind of difficult to worry about that part of yourself when you're barely able to have a quiet conversation with people without someone throwing a thermal detonator or the likes.

Anyway. So no, I'm not taken. I'm not looking, either. Not sure if I ever will.

This brings me to...

Shira Elan Colla Brie. I thought I'd forgotten her, y'know? And then I go to Shalyvane to bring the natives into the Republic, and I ended up going back to that desecrated altar in the desert where I found out she was never from this planet at all, instead being one of the Emperor's elite spies. And the only reason she had ever feigned interest in me was because she was setting me up for Vader.

Ah well.

On a different note, I ran into the proverbial ghost yesterday. Someone was dragging off Coruscanti Undercity dwellers to slavery in the Rim, and me and a few volunteers broke it up. The leader was this skinny, short, near-human fellow with white skin and dark-grey hair. Strong little bastard, too, nearly broke my wrist with one of his moves. When I tried to interrogate him, he committed suicide by poison. All I know is, I overheard some of his underlings mention someone called "the Dark Lady".

I have a very, very bad feeling about this...

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Pre-Empire thingamabobs

Did you know Lando Calrissian has a pre-Empire fan-poster of one of the Jedi generals of the Clone Wars? Some bald fellow named Mace Windu. Apparently, such paraphernalia were not entirely legal at the time (the Jedi frowned on any idolizing of them), and became highly illegal after the Jedi purge.

Walking through Theed was like walking through an anti-Empire museum. Everywhere, statues ofJedi and alien Clone War heroes, plaques commemorating sticking it to the Empire, holograms of notable people telling of how Naboo refused to kowtow to the "New Order" and so on and so forth. Hoo boy. No wonder the Empire kept cracking down on them as "terrorist sponsors".

Met my grandmother, Jobal Naberrie (Naberríe? Naberrié? Nabooan names are hard to transxcribe), grandfather Ruwee and my aunt, Sola. Also two older cousins, Pooja and Ryoo and their families. From being an orphan raised by his paternal half-uncle, I suddenly have a huge extended family. It feels...odd. They're very good people, and not the slightest bit intimidated by me being a Jedi or my sister being a high mucketymuck of the Republic. Apparently, and this bit the Imperial records had deleted, my mother Padme Skywalker was actually the famous (then) senator Padme Naberrie, also once known as Queen Amidala of Naboo. That's kind of impressive. Not that the family is nobility or anything, no, they're an old mining town family who lucked into money when the youngest daughter showed prodigious political ability at an incredibly early age. I wonder if my mother had a talent for the Force, just like Anakin, only she never got tested due to living in a remote mountain town. It happened a lot, apparently.

Bought some useless trinkets at the nearby market, including something the seller claimed was a "genuine Jedi artefact". I could tell it wasn't, but I also noticed how thin and hungry the man looked, so I bought it anyway. It's just some hammered copper-wires in Plastiglass, really, in an attempt at looking like a holocron.

I did look into a book-store and bought several hundred credits worth of un-censored history-chips. I figure any school started by me needs a less, ah, biased view of the old Republic and Empire.